How to Enter the ENACT Challenge

Phase 1: Concept Paper


The Concept Paper phase invites all eligible participants to submit a concept paper outlining their team’s proposed solution, approach, capabilities, knowledge and skills for this challenge. Participants must document their proposed detailed network architecture (technologies, modules, protocols, etc.) for high-volume information and data transaction for the FAA portion of the Network Architecture Capability.


The desired outcomes are as follows:


1. To develop a potential solution that will lead to a stable capability that is well-positioned for future operations

2. To demonstrate how the FAA would potentially connect with service suppliers over the internet, including possible subsequent data delivery to partners

3. To develop a potential solution that is compatible with FedRAMPED cloud services and technologies

4. To provide an architecture on cloud infrastructure

Important Dates:

Participant’s concept papers will be reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts; the Judging panel will evaluate and select up to seven participants for awards. Awardees will receive a) invitation to a potential Phase 2; and b) prize awards up to $5,000.

Concept Paper: Launch of February 3, 2021; papers due April 23, 2021; participants will be notified in May 2021.

How to Enter:

By the April 23, 2021 deadline, submit a concept paper through your profile screen on your account page on the challenge website.

Complete the submission requirements for the Concept Paper phase; submit the required concept paper on the Challenge website and register as a participant on the challenge website by the required date.

Submission Section

Cover Page and Abstract(5 pages Max.)

The cover page must include:


  • Participant’s Name (Team, Organization or Company Name) and list of individual team member(s).

  • Participant’s Location (City, State/Region and Country).

  • Team Logo; and

  • Official Representative and their preferred contact information (including email, phone, and physical mailing address).

Describe succinctly: The unique aspects of the participant’s approach and the potential impact that the proposed approach could have in achieving the goals of the challenge.

Note: Do not include proprietary or sensitive information in this summary. information in this summary.

Project Description(20 pages Max.)

Addressing the scoring criteria should be your primary objective; therefore, create your concept paper to address the criteria. Below are a few items to consider:

  • The participant’s knowledge, skills, and capabilities as they relate to the goals of the challenge.

  • The proposed network architecture including the components, parameters, and prototype development timeline including the rationale for the stated design and any considerations or limitations associated with it

  • Description of the proposed actual anticipated implementation cost

Informational Sheet or Concept Sketches(5 pages Max.)

A concept sketch (1-5 pages) in a PDF format.